Hiking Mont Jovet

Mont Jovet sits at more than 2,500-metres making it quit a challenge for even the fairly fit. I took it on from the quite little village of Feissons sur Salins, check out the video...

Calisthenics Core Strength Workout

Calisthenics are a great, safe way to exercise while taking minimum injury risk. This workout gives you relatively simple exercises you can do at home to help gradually build core strength to prepare you for some tougher FBF workouts in the future!

Spiral Core Plank Workout

Plank workouts are really useful but they can get a bit repetitive so that's where FBF comes in, mixing it up CMM-stylie to keep you on your toes with varied and interesting workouts to maintain interest levels regardless where you are or what your goals could be!

Hiking in the Alps

Hiking up to the Devil's Stone above Aussois in search of four giant hares and wary about cunning demons who might want to crush the faithful, that's the kind of adventure I take on when I'm out and about in the Alps so hold tight and join on this trek up the mountain...

Workout Tutorial – 10-second rep

We're sticking to the tutorial theme again here with another explanatory video about a type of rep-combo you can use in your training to build strength and power and get a very effective workout. So try the 10-second rep on a variety of exercises to see how tough it is.